Molson League Standings

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Molson League Scheduled Tee Times
Note: First time shown is for long weekends and the time in brackets is for other weeks.

1:00-No Rush (1:52)
1:07-Amherstview Golf Club (2:00)
1:15-Walker Financial (2:07)
1:30-Daniel Boone (2:22)
1:37-Williams Auto(2:30)
1:45-Old Strokes (2:37)
1:52-Crown Royal Crew (2:45)
2:00-Vikings (2:52)
2:07-Grip It And Sip It  (3:07)
2:15-Jaco Electric (3:15)
2:22-Ernestown Oldtimers (3:22)
2:30-Billy Goats (3:30)
2:37-Feed and Farm 1 (3:37)
2:45-Feed and Farm 2 (3:45)
2:52-Mooseknuckle (3:52)
3:00-The Molson Exports (4:00)
3:07-Raymond James (4:07)
3:15- OV(4:15)
3:22-Who's Your Caddy (4:22)
3:30-Penguin Sauce (4:30)
3:37-Better Than Lob Ball (4:37)
3:45-Millhaven Storage (5:07)
3:52-Trim Line (5:15)
4:00-Coca Cola (5:37)
4:07-Mark Riley Allstate (6:07)
4:15 Stone Mills (6:15)
4:22 FUCC (6:37) 


League Scoring Overview

This is a quick overview of how we will be scoring the Monday Molson League.

  • This year we have 28 teams. Each team will play in a best-ball format, the player with the lowest score on each hole will be recorded.
  • Scorecards must be dropped off at the pro shop after nine holes. This is a nine-hole event.
  • All scorecards must be completed with a total and team name.
  • The handicap will be calculated by the convenor.
  • Each team will have a handicap according to the standings from the previous week. The team highest in the standings will hold one handicap. The second-highest team will have a two handicap and so on. All teams in tenth place or higher will have a ten handicap.
  • The lowest net score will win the week with ten points. Second place will win nine points, third place 8 points, fourth place 7 points and fifth place will win 6 points.
  • The remainder of the teams will win five points. 
  • The low team for the week will receive an extra 3 points.
  • All specialty holes winners will receive 3 points for their team.
  • Each holiday Monday will be an 18 hole scramble and points will be awarded the same as a regular week without any handicap being calculated.
  • League players will play the tee blocks according to their age. Blue tee’s for under 50 years old and white tee’s for the seniors.
  • The league will play under “WINTER RULES” preferred lies are encouraged.

Have a great season everyone and enjoy Kingston’s Premiere Men’s League.

Steve Hawkins, Convenor


Molson League Entry Fee - $100 per team


  • Non Members -$40 includes 18 holes walking, a medium basket of range balls, a take-out meal provided by At The Turn food truck, and the weekly 50/50 draw.
  • Non Members - $35 for 9 holes.
  • AGC Members - $15


  • $30 for 18 holes ($15 per rider)

  • $15 for 9 holes ($7.50 per rider)
  • Note-single rider fee- $25 for 18 holes, $13 for 9

All current COVID-19 safety measures will be strictly enforced.